Empty Bowls Fundraiser for The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation

We are making bowls and donating them to The Table who are setting up the events.

They are being sold in two places, as shown on the poster below.
The bowls will be ready to be given as gifts - with gift boxes, tissue and our usage instruction card.

You can get a copy of the poster - click here.

Empty Bowls Poster

We originally heard about this idea from fellow potter Jackie Seaton of Perth, Ontario. He said:

"Food scarcity means not just a scarcity of calories
but a scarcity of the life affirming joys that good food provides.
Empty Bowls reminds us all never to take food for granted
but to celebrate and share what we have."

His story about Empty Bowls can be seen at

The number of people using food banks in Canada has increased by 23% since the financial setbacks of 2008.

Please support your local food charities; it will help your fellow citizens and your community.

To learn more about the efforts of potters
internationally to alleviate hunger please visit


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